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Good Morning
So glad to be a member of this forum
I would like to discuss regarding a problem i am having
I am Muslim Tunisian and My Fiance is ''Druze'' Lebanese
We want to get married, however i don't know if the marriage in Tunisia will be Legal and recognized or i will still be single on the papers!!
I've asked a lawyer in Tunisia and he told that we can get married, a civil marriage in Cyprus or Turkey and then register that in the Tunisian embassy, but as far as i know the officers won't register and accept the certificate of the marriage without paper showing that the husband is Muslim , here we asked again , is the druze recognized as Muslim in Tunisian and there were the confusion , some are telling yes and others are telling for sure Druze are not Muslims.
The lawyer told me: المشكلة ليست القانون بل كيفية تطبيق القانون
Sorry for taking so long to explain my situation,As we know that the Civil marriage is recognized in Lebanon and we won't have any issue to register the marriage there , however as a Tunisian i really want that my future marriage will be legally recognized in my  home country for many reasons
Dear all , I'm approaching you if any one knows any lawyer who can give the proper solution for this matter  i will be very thankful and grateful
Thanks a lot
looking forward to hearing a positive comments


Tant de vue , big forum mais personne ne peut aider  ???..

Merci  :)


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